Case Study: Coles IT Security Training

“A fun and engaging way to present IT online security learning”

Using innovative interface concepts to bring dry learning content to life

The Challenge

Coles supermarkets’ team members experienced the existing IT security training as ‘pretty dry and average’. Coles wanted to replace it with a more engaging solution.

Retail sector{IT security{Systems training

Our Approach

We used App-eLearn to create a ‘Social Media’ motif with instant chats for this learning piece. As learners answered, questions and feedback appeared as if in a chat; the overall look and feel resembled a chat platform. Animations, YouTube-like iconography, blogs, and news feeds were all part of it. Using App-eLearn, we created a unique social media theme.


This solution achieved its goal; it gave the audience a different perspective on the content while providing a connection with online security. It was a unique and engaging way to present the content, especially for this project, where team members who had already completed the training needed to repeat it as a refresher.

Listen to Learning Uncut’s Podcast Episode 93: Partnering for Learning Innovation.
Show notes: What do you do when you can’t find the technology that you need to realise your vision for digital learning in your organisation? When faced with this situation Siva Kulasingam form Coles Group went out to the market to find a partner who was bold and open enough to experiment, test and learn with them. He is joined by Rod Beach from Liberate Learning to discuss how they took risks and pushed boundaries to create App e-Learn.

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