Are you giving your learners what they need
to be successful?

Are your employees tired of eLearning libraries and bored with traditional ‘click-next’ learning that they access from a learning management system (LMS)?

A recent training benchmarking study shows a disconnect between what L&D professionals and learners believe is effective in workplace learning. Learners are voicing their preference for just-in-time, self-service learning relevant to them and their roles.

An LMS is based on courses and learning objectives; however, learners want access to information, tips, Quick Reference Guides, micro-learning, checklists, templates and guidelines that help them do their job (performance objectives).

Broadly, we might think of that as performance support, defined as “any repository of information that informs and guides planning and action”.

Learning anytime, anywhere.

Nowadays, we talk of these repositories as learning portals where employees can access learning anytime, from anywhere. A vital feature of a learning portal is that it is learner-centred and often organised around the organisation’s current and future capability needs and, importantly, workplace performance.

A learning portal is often a perfect place for curated content and communities of practice. Modern learners want experiences that are more like the rest of the web than what a typical learning management system (LMS) offers.

An LMS has its place when we need to easily manage content, conduct evaluations, and report on outcomes and training completions. We are talking compliance here, but learning portals drive better performance in the workplace and enhance the organisation’s bottom line, safety-first culture and employee retention.

Secure & Compliant Learning Management Systems.

We set up both LMS and learning portals and can host your learning in a secure environment best suited for State and Commonwealth Government requirements.

We set up, host and maintain LMS platforms primarily utilising the Moodle LMS platform, a free, open-source LMS popular in the market due to its proven customisable capability and flexible configuration.

Many organisations have internal and external learners or a workforce not bound to a central network. For security and access reasons, such organisations prefer to host an LMS outside their network or in parallel to an internal LMS platform. Because of this, we host LMS and learning portals in our Australian data centre, meeting cybersecurity standards that satisfy our State and Federal clients’ privacy and IT security requirements.

We can also look after your learning administration, content curation and content management, including evaluation and reporting functions. Contact our learning administration team if you need support in LMS administration services.

Learning Platforms

Track data to drive success.

The LMS generally only tracks and records learning that takes place within the LMS. Yet, even as we treat training as discrete events, we also recognise that learning predominantly occurs in informal, social and on-the-job settings where results are not recorded.

Unlike SCORM, xAPI allows us to design learning programs that involve not only formal learning events, assessments and learner feedback but also experiences where other forms of learning are encountered.

Those learner experiences could be as varied as posting a comment in a forum or social media site, completing a process task in a company document management system, or registering for a seminar or a lunch’n’learn. When an activity needs to be recorded, the application (device, system or process) that controls the activity sends a secure xAPI statement to a learning record store (LRS). With an LRS, you can track and report on very granular user data and user behaviour.

We can help you plan and determine what you might want to measure for your learning outcomes and evaluations. We will set up your learning statements and reporting functions and embed the appropriate tracking elements into your digital learning artefacts. This will help you to effectively measure learning across the full range of learning assets and business performance.

If you are curious about big data in learning, read our article that appeared in the Australian Institute of Learning and Development (AITD) Magazine.

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