Education is in
our DNA.

Education is in our blood. While we work across all levels of the education sector, our strength and niche are creating and enhancing student and staff learning experiences for the higher education, RTO and Department of Education sectors.

Most of our Liberate team members are educators by profession, which shows in our practical application of sound pedagogical practices. We apply learning solutions for state or territory-wide cohorts of teachers and teaching and non-teaching staff in the higher education and RTO sectors.

Over the past decade, we have built longstanding working relationships with many Australian universities and TAFE providers, supporting tertiary and VET education providers in overcoming the challenges they face moving to or incorporating digital learning into their units of study. From large learning content migrations for hundreds of academic units between Canvas, Blackboard or Moodle to translating face-to-face lectures into engaging, interactive online learning classes, we are the all-around service provider of choice for many in the teacher or higher education sector.

What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation and core focus on engaging (engagement of the mind) courses and study units and placing students’ interactive learning experiences at the heart of what we do.

We have proudly worked in the education sector, successfully delivering solutions for a vast range of organisations.

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