Elevate your learning and change initiatives with our customised communication campaigns.

A well-planned communication campaign at various critical junctures ensures the effectiveness and success of your change implementation and learning and development initiatives. In managing change effectively, we help you communicate the why, what, and how of the change to minimise resistance and foster adoption. Before, during, and after training programs, we help prepare your teams for training, guide them through the learning process, and reinforce the knowledge post-training.

Unlock the full potential of your teams with our custom communication campaigns. At Liberate Learning, our communication specialists blend cutting-edge learning science with creative communication strategies to craft campaigns that don’t just inform, but inspire. With over a decade of expertise in engaging Australia’s top talent, we’re the architects behind some of the most successful learning transformations in the industry.

  • Consultancy – Let us help you set up a communications strategy that aligns with your program or project goals.

  • Planning – We schedule a communications plan in line with your communications environment.

  • Content – We can design communications for any medium; from branded mugs to immersive VR experiences, our full multi-media team has you covered.

  • Integration – We ensure that your communication campaign is supporting all your identified stakeholders from start to finish.

We tailor the right communication mix to your specific change or learning initiative.

  • Podcasts

  • Infographics and posters

  • Quick reference guides

  • Brochures and flyers

  • Newsletters

  • FAQ Sheets

  • Micro-videos

  • Micro-learning

  • Video animations

  • Branded merchandise

Schedule a consultation with our communication specialists today and start planning a campaign that resonates with your audience.

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