Animations make complex concepts simple.

Animations, also called motion graphics or explainer videos, improve learning outcomes by activating the cognitive adult brain with dynamic visuals and audio narration, which is designed to create an emotional connection to the learning experience.

They are attention-grabbing and excellent at explaining complex or abstract ideas using visual metaphors.

They are particularly beneficial for memorising and understanding systems that are dynamic and changeable. Showing change over time is difficult to understand with words or static images alone. Biological processes, or mechanical device operations, can be animated, allowing the learner to slow down the process or speed it up to show the changes that occur.

All in all, animated content enhances the learning experience by building mental models and drawing an emotional connection with the learner.

Use animation to inspire your learners.

Only your imagination limits what we can show. We can even draw the future for you and help people paint an internal image of what “good” looks like in any given future state or behaviour.

Choose animations to represent all your people.

Animation is an excellent way to ensure an equitable representation of your diverse workforce in your learning content without the risk of presenting any unconscious bias. Culturally diverse animations help build a personalised emotional connection. When used well, animations feel like a one-on-one learning experience.


Animations do not have to look like a cartoon.

Many people are not aware of the many graphic styles available to them. Check out our reel and see what could work for your context and audience.

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