Facilitation services to suit your needs.

Are you looking for a way to inject energy and creativity into your training team, or do you need an experienced learning facilitator for your face-to-face or virtual training sessions?

In addition to our blended and online learning design and development services, our Facilitation Team provides face-to-face and virtual facilitation services to help you engage your employees, foster collaboration, and support you in building a high-performing training facilitation team.

Face-to-Face Facilitation Services

Our Facilitation Team will leave a memorable impression on your participants. With contextual and experiential learning activities such as games, role-plays and simulations, we can bring new and innovative perspectives to the table while engaging everyone in the process. Our facilitation approach is always customised to fit the unique needs of your organisation, culture and context.

Our team of expert facilitators ensures your sessions are focused, productive, and outcome-driven, as we are cognisant that time is the most valuable asset your employees have.

Virtual Facilitation Services

We also use our technical expertise to offer virtual facilitation services so you can take advantage of our expert capability without having us physically present in your office or location. Through video conferencing technology such as Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx or Skype, our facilitators can lead remote training sessions with participants worldwide. This is ideal for organisations with geographically dispersed teams who need help collaborating effectively within an online environment.


Technical and Administrative Facilitation Support

Sometimes, your in-house facilitators need technical or administrative support when running virtual or face-to-face sessions. In those cases, you can book our EdTech or admin specialists, who will ensure your training sessions run smoothly, so you can concentrate on delivering your learning in a technically supported environment.

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