Professional Memberships

Aiming for excellence is at the heart of any work we do. Our claim to deliver the best solutions possible is supported by staying at the leading edge of best practice, and ideally leading best practice before others, for all the roles we fulfil. We believe in sharing our knowledge with our industry community, and we humbly keep learning from our peers and from our client partners. Through our work, our dedication to innovation, and cooperation, we can lift our profession, our industry, and our global region.

The following are some of the professional memberships and accreditations that support us in our endeavour:

We have been longstanding members and advocates for the AITD. Some of the activities we undertake to support this, our primary professional association, is through speaking at their national and state events free of charge. We have co-hosted AITD events in partnership. We regularly share our latest industry insights and tips, and success strategies with AITD members in the form of articles that appear in every issue of the Training and Development Magazine. We also proudly offer AITD’s member base free access to our App-eLearn authoring tool enterprise version, so members can use this leading-edge tool to create and deploy mobile-first, natively xAPI-enabled online learning. Last but not least, we regularly take part in the annual AITD Excellence Awards; we believe upholding and celebrating our peer organisations’ successes, and being able to celebrate our own, is an integral part of lifting our entire profession.

Recently, we have joined the NZATD, honouring the fact that we are receiving more and more project requests from New Zealand. We are proud to be associated with our peer learning professionals in Aotearoa and look forward to expanding our local involvement over 2023 and beyond.

We have supported ILP’s members for many years now; we offer to speak at their state and national events, and also provide their members with free access to our App-eLearn enterprise version.

Individual Memberships

As people who design, develop and deliver highest quality solutions and offer highest level professional advice, we take our professional accreditations and continuing professional development seriously. That is why our key staff keep their professional memberships current for the roles they hold.

Our senior executive staff include Graduates of the AICD’s Program.

We prefer that our project managers have Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) memberships and accreditations.

Teacher Accreditations

Our learning designers and consultants involved with Australian school sector projects keep their Teachers Association Accreditation (TAA) current and active.