Case Study: DHHS SAMS 2 Animations

“An engaging way to train public sector users in a complex IT system”

An animation solution to bring IT systems training to life

The Challenge

SAMS is an extensive computer program that different government departments use to manage contracts with external service providers. Users did not understand the system very well. They found the system navigation clunky and non-intuitive, which caused a lot of anguish. The department needed learning assets to help people understand the critical processes and how to complete them.

Government sector{Workplace systems{IT user support training

Our Approach

We started with a design workshop with a cross-section of SAMS user stakeholders to determine the users’ needs in terms of training support. We identified the fundamental processes deemed problematic or where people wanted more guidance. As a result of the analysis, we suggested creating a series of system animations with annotated screenshots. We introduced two animated characters, Sam and Samantha, who would step learners through the sessions. Sam and Samantha supported the system name SAMS and broke up the primarily technical nature of the learning content. The animation scenes also alternated between laptop, desk and virtual classroom interfaces to raise interest and create a sense of user identification in different settings.


Users of the SAMS platform now have an effective learning solution that allows them to navigate and use the system better.

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