Case Study: Coles Trolley Assisted Check-outs (TACO) Training

“Creating an authentic training video for thousands of team members to learn with”

Using real-life video to bring new processes to large learner cohorts across Australia

The Challenge

Coles supermarkets planned to launch a new checkout process allowing customers to self-serve with a trolley full of items. They tested the new system in a few store locations and introduced new checkout benches and processes. There was a need for training for checkout team members to learn how to assist customers while adhering to the new Trolley Assisted Check-outs (TACO) processes the staff and customers would need to follow.

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Our Approach

We suggested using a real-life video solution to make the learning experience as meaningful and authentic as possible. Our video production team has experience handling logistical challenges and closing off areas when filming in-store with customers. This film shoot required one day on location. In the video, senior store staff speak to the camera to explain and demonstrate why the revamped process is vital in this customer-focused TACO function.


The video succeeded because it allowed learners to see the checkout process in action. Ultimately, the footage formed part of a Coles eLearning module developed in App-eLearn, along with other related content and questions.

The successful training solution allowed Coles team members to see the brand-new TACO checkout process without having it in their stores yet.

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