Case Study: Department of Health: Infection Prevention and Control

“Helping the Department of Health educate organisations and the wider public about preventing and controlling the spread of infectious diseases.”

A project to help a government department support public health

The Challenge

The Victorian Department of Health (the Department) needed a range of urgent resources to help educate the public on infection prevention and control.

Public sector{Public health education{WCAG accessibility{Animation and video

Our Approach

Under a tight delivery schedule, we created a learning campaign-type solution, rolling out a range of resources, including six interactive eLearning modules covering different aspects of infection transmission and control. Each of the modules takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. We filmed authentic videos to demonstrate different recommended ways the public can minimise infection transmission, and we included visual animations and audio to explain broader concepts around the nature of infectious disease transmission.

We ensured that the eLearning was supported with fact sheets and a summary of each piece of learning so that workplace staff could be reminded of good practices over time via other communication channels.

The learning campaign package was deemed especially helpful for people working in non-clinical roles in all sectors, including public and community health, aged care and disability and in education and industry.

Learners receive a certificate of completion at the end of each module, and they can also download fact sheets and a summary of each piece of learning themselves. The WCAG-accessible modules work well on desktop computers and mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, ensuring maximum reach.


The six eLearning modules are relevant and accessible for all industries and sectors, providing critical information to users from aged care and disability to the general public. Each module covers a different principle of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), using a range of infectious diseases as examples. The modules are suitable for non-clinical staff and support IPC management in organisations.

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