Case Study: NAB Hybrid Working

“A personalised self-paced compliance solution for hybrid working”

A personalised approach to compliance training

The Challenge

Our client, NAB, was seeking an innovative yet fast-turnaround solution to train their 32,000 employees on their policies and procedures for how to stay well and safe while working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. NAB had planned for an eLearning course and a subsequent compliance checklist to be completed. The vastly differing target cohorts, home set-up conditions and individual preferences meant that a one-size-fits-all approach would not produce satisfactory outcomes.

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Our Approach

Instead of a one-dimensional eLearning followed by a compliance checklist component, we recommended building an integrated, interactive app-style eLearning course with artificial intelligence. The latter analyses individual learners’ needs and interactively delivers a personalised, highly engaging learning experience.

Our interface designers, web developers and instructional design specialists collaborated with the NAB team to deliver the final product using an iterative, agile process. The result was a streamlined eLearning solution where learners could walk away with a personalised action plan to retain as a reference tool or safety action plan.


The NAB Working from Home blended eLearning solution provides an interactive medium to explore and better understand how to stay well and safe while working in a hybrid work environment. The tool enables users to learn at their own pace, self-assess and download or print a personalised action plan. It allows for the listing of any issues they may have uncovered that require mitigation or infographic reminders of key messages relevant to their hybrid working conditions. Opportunities for improvement also direct users to video content where they learn better ways to do a certain task or set themselves up, and the solution automatically creates a bookmark for later reference. The eLearning solution also provides other useful tips beyond compliance, such as positive effects on the personal and professional circumstances of the individual and on the wider team.

The NAB Hybrid Working blended eLearning solution is highly user-friendly, with no server-side databases required. The solution also enables HR and compliance managers to track and report individual completion, with publishing and reporting through the NAB Learning Management System. Users can also print off a personalised action plan, completion certificate and their individualised bookmarked key learning messages for follow-up conversations with their supervisor.

Feedback from NAB staff included: “One of the best training modules I have come across – beautifully created and quite helpful and relevant.”

“Best mandatory learning yet. Concise, helpful and the assessment don’t try and trip you up. Keep it up.”

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