Immerse your students in the world of business with our Management Essentials Business Simulation.

Our Management Essentials Business Simulation, powered by TOPSIM,  is designed especially for beginners in business administration. It can be used in seminars, introductory events at universities, basic business seminars, and even for the training and further education of employees and trainees from different departments of a company. No prior knowledge of business administration is required, making it accessible to all who want to acquire basic business knowledge.

What is the Management Essentials Business Simulation?

Assume Full Responsibility for Strategic and Operational Decisions

As participants in the Management Essentials Business Simulation, your students will slip into the role of the new management and assume full responsibility for all future strategic and operational decisions of the company. Their task is to successfully lead the company through the coming years, ensuring growth and innovation.

The Plot of Management Essentials

Together, the young entrepreneurs Sarah and Moritz founded a company and began producing and marketing their innovative on-ear headphones. They quickly established themselves in the market and now employ 36 people. Recently, Sarah decided to leave the company to take on new challenges. Moritz also announces that he wants to devote himself to other tasks in the future. At this point in the plot, the participants enter the simulation.

Students will take over the management board of the company, facing exciting challenges along the way. From starting out in online retailing to expanding into retail stores, they will experience the full spectrum of business operations. They will have the opportunity to purchase input materials from a supplier, sell their products to bulk buyers, and explore different strategies for success.


  • Enhanced Learning Experience with TOPSIM – Cloud

  • Fast calculation times for simulation periods

  • Dashboard provides a compact overview of the company’s performance

  • Relevant key figures are highlighted through different chart types

  • Reports have been tailored to the needs of the target group, ensuring a targeted flow of information.

  • Topics include:

    • Investment decisions
    • Components of the marketing mix
    • Entrepreneurial connections
    • Production management.
Level 1 - Management Essentials Business Simulation Structure

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