Case Study: Telstra Health: Health support services onboarding

“Helping Telstra Health onboard their staff into a new service area.”

Project to help an organisation take over critical public health services

The Challenge

The Government selected Telstra Health to provide the 1800RESPECT service from June 2022. There was a short cut-off period to transition from the previous service provider to Telstra Health’s call Centre team essential training on various health support/services topics. Their existing 35 eLearning modules needed development, and the training needed to be delivered within a 3-month window from late March to the end of June 2022.

Private sector{Public health{Call centre{Online learning{Articulate Rise

Our Approach

Given the time constraints, we had to take an agile approach to build these modules. The team worked collaboratively with Telstra Health. We designed and developed the modules and released them progressively so that Telstra could roll out the Call Centre training before the Go Live date. The authoring tool we used was Articulate Rise, with each module ranging from 15 – 30 mins in training duration. We delivered LMS-compliant SCORM packages and web packages to deploy to a broader audience.


We delivered and deployed the onboarding modules on time and helped Telstra Health’s call Centre team to enable a smooth transition of the health services to Telstra as the new service provider.

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