Case Study: Department of Education: Copyright Compliance Performance Support

“Helping teachers navigate the complexities around copyright in their daily work”

A practical tool to support compliance with copyright laws.

The Challenge

The Department of Education needed to train its staff on copyright legislation and what it means for the compliant application for teachers’ daily work tasks. The department initially approached Liberate with a brief for us to create a 45-minute plus eLearning course teaching copyright principles.

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Our Approach

When our Liberate learning designers investigated the content, we found that there were too many permutations and intricacies for teachers to remember just by completing an online learning course.

We suggested splitting the learning into two parts: one is a short, sharp, high-level eLearning course (10 minutes in length) on the principles of copyright, and the other one is a copyright app for teachers to use in their moment of need. The app is a quick reference app teachers can go to on their smartphones or device.


Teachers can now easily search by media type, filter, and ascertain how to use a resource without breaching copyright laws based on the intended use and broadcasting rules, terms and conditions. The app now saves teachers valuable time and provides quick answers and guidance for making a copyright-compliant decision for a learning resource they wish to use.

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