Case Study: International Education Association of Australia (IEAA): CPD Framework

“A best practice CPD framework for international education professionals”

A project to enable best practice Continuous Professional Development in the education sector.

The Challenge

The International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) wished to develop and implement a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework to enhance Australia’s reputation as a provider of world-class education. The IEAA wanted to facilitate best practices by educators and educational institutions and recognise and reward members for their learning journey and engagement with the sector.

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Our Approach

IEAA engaged the Liberate team for the project, which involved three phases:

  • LMS Consulting: We developed a business case for the selection of a suitable learning management system (LMS) with continuing professional development capability
  • Governance Consulting: We developed policies to support the CPD assessment and governance procedures for IEAA’s new CPD system, identifying appropriate partners and negotiating reciprocal arrangements for mutual recognition of professional development activity. We also developed member personas/case studies in this phase to test and validate CPD points allocations.
  • Learning design and development: In this phase, we designed an initial suite of 10 online learning modules, which involved working with external subject matter experts who provided content and input on the ‘constructive alignment’ of learning outcomes and the teaching and assessment strategies.


The IEAA’s Board approved the business case, the CPD governance and policy recommendations. We commissioned the Moodle Learning Portal, interfacing it directly with the IEAA internal back-office management system.

Ten themed courses containing online and offline activities now facilitate an active, constructive approach to CPD learning. Learners are encouraged to observe their teaching and student interactions and develop useful personal strategies to enhance and improve their teaching capabilities. Exercises and explanations of theory within case-study and practice-based contexts help the learners to transfer the knowledge to their work, and the activities relate directly to the practical development of teaching skills in guided settings.

The IEAA were very satisfied with the outcomes of the project; watch an interview with IEAA’s Project Manager, Peter Muntz, here:

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