Take business learning to the next level with a Virtual Challenge Platform.

Our Business Challenge Essentials Business Simulation solution offers a flexible, dynamic, and hands-on online introduction to business administration. Our user-friendly business simulation allows for independent learning about business and economics from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Business Challenge Essentials can be played individually against computer-controlled competitors, or in teams. The possibilities for using the simulation are varied; it can be incorporated as a regular activity throughout the semester, as a test preparation tool, or even as an admission requirement for a course. This business simulation, with a complexity level of one, is suitable for bachelor students in foundational business courses, as well as non-business degrees and high school students. It serves as an excellent introduction to business or a refresher for existing skills.

What is Business Challenge Essentials about?

In Business Challenge Essentials, participants step into the role of a managing director for an innovative backpack manufacturer. To successfully sell their SmartBags, participants make strategic decisions for various departments, including R&D, finance, production, marketing, sales, human resources, and administration.

After making decisions for a simulated financial year, participants can trigger the simulation period calculation themselves. This flexibility allows for engagement with the business simulation at their own pace, independent of time and location in the TOPSIM – Cloud.

Throughout the simulation, powered by TOPSIM, participants have access to a virtual consultant who assists with report analysis and decision-making. Additionally, Business Challenge Essentials provides a gamified technical onboarding to streamline preparation and support, particularly for larger groups.

With Business Challenge Essentials, participants will develop fundamental skills.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience with TOPSIM – Cloud

  • Fast calculation times for simulation periods
  • Relevant key figures are highlighted through different chart types
  • Reports have been tailored to the needs of the target group, ensuring a targeted flow of information.
  • Topics include:

    • Strategic decision-making
    • Financial analysis
    • Marketing and sales strategy
    • Team collaboration
    • Resource allocation.

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