Getting to know medium-sized businesses with our Business Management Simulation.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of any economy, accounting for a significant share of export success. However, these so-called SMEs face challenges such as rising commodity prices, labor costs, and increasing competition from low-wage countries. To remain competitive, innovative strength, skills, and advanced technologies are required.

That’s where our Business Management Simulation comes in. Business Management is a competitive, immersive management simulation that places players in the challenges of running a medium-sized business on the international market.

The Business Management Simulation is suitable for use in universities and for training and education in companies. It’s perfect for businesses looking to train their employees and managers, future business leaders, in commercial and technical areas. At universities, we highly recommend this simulation for courses in economics or engineering.

Even participants with limited previous knowledge of business administration can benefit from engaging in the Business Management Simulation. It provides them with their first entrepreneurial experience and a deeper understanding of medium-sized businesses. The focus is on analysing situations correctly and putting the gained knowledge into practice, improving overall business acumen. That’s why this simulation is ideal for the early stages of studies or training.


What is inside the Business Management Simulation?

Our Business Management Simulation, powered by TOPSIM, places players in the challenges of running a medium-sized business on the international market. In this simulation, participants act as managers of a medium-sized bicycle manufacturer, making critical decisions in procurement, production, marketing, and personnel. But it doesn’t stop there. Developing a long-term market strategy for the company is equally important. It is all about experiential learning and learning by doing.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience with TOPSIM – Cloud

  • Fast calculation times for simulation periods
  • Relevant key figures are highlighted through different chart types
  • Reports have been tailored to the needs of the target group, ensuring a targeted flow of information.
  • Topics include:

    • With which strategy should our company be active on the market?
    • How many products can be sold at which price?
    • Does it make sense to use quantity scales for orders?
    • How should our products be developed further?
    • What sales policy measures must be taken?
    • Does the personnel planning fit with the other planning parameters?






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