Mastering General Management: Navigating Complex Information for Success

Are you searching for a powerful tool to equip your university students with the skills they need to excel in the world of business and management? Discover the transformative power of Mastering General Management, the highly acclaimed management simulation, powered by TOPSIM.

In this immersive experience, participants delve into the intricate workings of a medium-sized manufacturing company. Through a series of decision-making scenarios, they develop the ability to navigate complex information and make strategy choices with confidence. By assessing the far-reaching impact of their decisions, they gain invaluable insights into the dynamics of success.

The versatility of Mastering General Management makes it an ideal fit for a range of seminar concepts. Whether you’re focusing on controlling, financial and investment planning, or value-based corporate management, this comprehensive simulation has you covered.

What is the Mastering General Management Simulation about?

With Mastering General Management, your students will master the fundamentals of value-based management. They’ll develop the skills to make informed decisions, optimise resources, and drive sustainable growth. By immersing themselves in this transformative experience, they’ll unlock their full potential and emerge as confident, capable leaders in the world of business.

The competitive industrial management game Mastering General Management depicts the complex structures of a manufacturing company. In the role of the management, participants learn to make strategic and operational decisions and gain an understanding of the connections between the various internal and external factors that influence the company’s success.

The analysis and control of the cost structure for different markets and products becomes increasingly important during the business game. Due to disruptions in production and the development and introduction of a new product, the focus of the business game is increasingly directed towards the areas of product portfolio conversion and ecological production.


  • Enhanced Learning Experience with TOPSIM – Cloud

  • Fast calculation times for simulation periods
  • Relevant key figures are highlighted through different chart types
  • Reports have been tailored to the needs of the target group, ensuring a targeted flow of information.
  • Topics include:

    • Corporate Management and Business Unit Development
    • Human Resources Planning
    • Product Management and Procurement
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Strategic Marketing.
Business Simulations Mastering General Management Structure

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