Mastering digitalisation with our Scale Up Strategic Management Simulation

In today’s globalised and digitalised world, companies are facing unprecedented challenges. Established businesses with years of experience must adapt their strategic planning and develop new business models to stay competitive. We have the solution to help your students navigate these comprehensive challenges and master the digital age – Scale Up, our Strategic Management Simulation.

Designed with a strategic focus, Scale Up is a short simulation consisting of 6 periods. It challenges participants to respond to rapid market changes and dynamic environments by taking action in the best possible way. This makes Scale Up particularly suitable for Master’s or advanced Bachelor’s degree programs in the field of economics. However, it is also highly effective for (junior) managers, trainees, and employees from all areas of the company.

What is Scale Up about?

Scale Up is a dynamic strategic management simulation, powered by TOPSIM, where participants take on the role of managers in a scooter manufacturing company. With the increasing influence of globalisation and digitalisation, participants are tasked with developing a sustainable business model for new electric scooters. They must revise their previously successful strategies, while effectively implementing the production and sale of electric scooters. Through this simulation, participants learn how to navigate market disruptions, complex decision making, and successfully scale a new business model.

Scale Up is a powerful tool for training general knowledge of business administration and corporate management. 


  • Enhanced Learning Experience with TOPSIM – Cloud

  • Fast calculation times for simulation periods
  • Relevant key figures are highlighted through different chart types
  • Reports have been tailored to the needs of the target group, ensuring a targeted flow of information.
  • Topics include:

    • Strategic planning and decision-making in a volatile market
    • Adapting business models to meet the demands of digitalisation
    • Scaling a new business model for sustainable growth.
Level 2 - Strategic Management Scale Up Simulation Structure

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