Case Study: Suncorp: Blueprint for a New Orientation Program

“Creating a consistent, self-directed orientation experience for a large organisation”

A consulting approach to change tack on orientation programs.

The Challenge

Before launching their Personal Injury Claims (PIC) Orientation Program, Australian insurer Suncorp’s Personal Injury (PI) business unit faced the issue of delivering highly specialised training content to meet the onboarding needs of the workforce, using generalised, traditional, and somewhat outdated methods. As a PI team member, specialist, or leader, onboarding was largely contingent on one of two things:

  • How effectively a knowledge or skill gap was last identified and solved for the PI business unit, or
  • The PI business unit team leaders’ experience contextualising general training into relevant and meaningful learning activities to equip new team members for their roles.

The traditional approach did not address the immediate learning needs nor provide the necessary infrastructure and consistency for sustained, job-ready competency, strategic capability, and professional development in a specialised PI context.

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Our Approach

The Suncorp PI team needed training created at a minimal cost to share their carefully selected and framed content about their place in the industry, their customers, and the environment in which they operate. Their multi-site, geographically spread hybrid workforce and a changing operating environment meant that for a solution to meet their needs, the system should be scalable, trackable via an LMS, and deliverable anywhere and anytime. A self-directed, digital solution would need to be employed.

Suncorp did not want the impact of the PIC Orientation Program to be lost. Using real-life videos was considered and discounted, as any organisational changes could make the videos obsolete. Additionally, the learners’ ‘appetite’ for traditional eLearning was low. The training must be leading-edge, creative, and engaging, so the modules were not viewed as “just another compliance piece”. Liberate went back to the drawing board to conceptualise a captivating and appropriately punchy gamified solution which had a different look and feel to Suncorp’s proven eLearning template.


The PIC Onboarding Program is now providing new PI Business unit members with a self-directed, engaging orientation to the industry, the business, and, most importantly, their customers. Recruits to the PI Business unit are entering their job ready and with a heightened comprehension and context level. The new team members now have a consistent self-directed orientation experience. The carefully selected content also supports the company in evidencing specific compliance requirements previously part of a demanding checklist with traditional poor compliance.

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