Case Study: University of Melbourne: Academic Unit Design Templates and Team Building

“Helping a university build a team of digital learning experts and set up robust teaching unit templates”

A project to help a university to build an education design team and unify their eLearning course formats

The Challenge

The University of Melbourne (UoM) Graduate Online Program team sought to create robust academic unit templates to ensure UoM had exemplary online courses and to provide academics with best-practice learning and learning tools.

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Our Approach

The University of Melbourne’s requirement to apply industry best practices for online teaching and learning allowed our team to augment the university team. We offered our unit design, eLearning and LMS coding expertise to set up high-end yet reusable course templates and online units. We worked as a seamless extension of the internal UoM project team.

We populated our robust LMS course templates with teaching materials from various faculty areas to build dynamic and engaging teaching units. We had up to five people on the project, which lasted over five years.

Based on the work undertaken by our team over weeks and months, we were also able to transfer knowledge on the nature of the tasks and varied skills applied for the given project phases, as well as the type/number of team resources that they would need to recruit. We then helped onboard new staff as they joined the team.


As the UoM team’s capability grew, we gradually phased ourselves out. UoM now has approximately 50 competent and skilled team members in that area. As a trusted long-term partner, our Liberate experts are always on call for ad-hoc support when needed or to add value or capacity at peak times.

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